Episode 3

Shifting Paradigms and Building Ekklesia with Rhema Trayner

Join Glenn Bleakney on Season 2, Episode 2 of The Power of Five podcast as he interviews Rhema Trayner.

In this riveting discussion, they delve into the topics of shifting paradigms and building ecclesia within the context of the Fivefold ministry. They emphasize the importance of spiritual formation, understanding identity in Christ, and the role of Apostolic prophetic hubs. They also discuss the significance of discipleship and the concept of ecclesia as they explore the deeper questions of why we gather, who we gather with, and what is essential.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the future of the church and the role of Fivefold leaders in equipping and maturing the ekklesia.

Watch the video interview on the Kingdom Community Show Channel on Kingdom Community Television. Here is the direct link.

Learn more about Rhema Trayner by visiting https://rhematrayner.com


0:00 - Introduction

0:37 - Continuing the Discussion on Fivefold Ministry

0:51 - Shifting Paradigms and Building Ecclesia

1:03 - The Role of Apostolic Prophetic Hubs

1:09 - The Significance of Discipleship and Ecclesia

1:19 - Equipping and Spiritual Formation

1:45 - Questions on Gathering and Functionality

2:09 - The Need for Reformation

3:22 - The Church as a Local Assembly

4:01 - The Fivefold Ministry's Role in Equipping and Maturing

6:09 - The Importance of Character and Community

6:14 - Rayma Trainor's Online Courses

9:30 - Understanding the Ekklesia and Local Assembly

12:48 - Closing Comments and Contact Information

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