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Shifting Perspectives on Fivefold Ministry: Interview with Rhema Trayner

Welcome to Season Two of The Power of Five Show with your host, Glenn Bleakney.

In this episode of The Power of Five podcast, host Glenn Bleakney interviews special guest Rhema Trayner on her journey and shifting perspectives on Fivefold ministry. They discuss the importance of obedience, the dangers of idolizing titles, and the true meaning of bearing fruit in the Kingdom.

Rhema shares her personal experiences and revelations, emphasizing the need for a shift in perspective from a culture of striving for fame and recognition to one of complete surrender and obedience to Christ. This episode provides valuable insights for those navigating the shifting landscape of ministry and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a posture of humility and authenticity.

To delve even deeper into Rhema Trayner's wisdom and teachings, make sure to visit her website at rhematrayner.com

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